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Every year in May, the charity takes 10 disabled/sick/terminally ill/wheelchair-bound Guernsey residents on holiday for 10 days. Because these people are special to us, we call them VIPs. The VIPs do not pay for any travel or accommodation, their only outlay being souvenirs, postcards or presents to take home to their families.

Nominations for VIPs to travel can come from Doctors, Community Nurses and family - anyone who thinks that someone deserves a break.

Often it is the carer at home who is in desperate need of some free time and he/she can have the break they may desperately need whilst their husband/wife/child can have a holiday with the Guernsey Jumbulance.


In May 2008 we took 10 people to London, staying in Kensington. We visited the London Zoo, Windsor Castle, almost everyone managed to get on the London Eye, we saw The Sound of Music in the West End, did lots of sight-seeing, walked in the parks and even managed to get some shopping done.

Every other year we drive overnight from St. Malo to Lourdes (in the Pyrenees) staying in a hotel specially equipped for wheelchair bound/terminally ill people.

As well as London, we have visited Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Southern Ireland, the Loire Valley, Cornwall, South Tyrol, Paris, Austria, Blackpool and the Lake District.

More information about each of our previous holidays can be found on the Previous Trips page.

The Team

The Guernsey Jumbulance team for a holiday consists of a Doctor, two Nurses, a Group Leader and 10 Helpers (all VIPs have a designated helper on a one-to-one basis). All need to be fit and health as there is a lot of physical work to be done, all accomplished as a team.

Previous Trips

France 2004

Lourdes 2009

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