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Guernsey Jumbulance Holidays is a registered Guernsey charity established to provide holidays to sick and disabled individuals who would otherwise be unable to travel.

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To discover more about the charity, its history and its founder, head to the About page.

To find out more about how holidays work and to see details of our previous trips, head to the Holidays and Previous Trips pages respectively.

Interested in the specially designed 'Jumbulance' used to transport the group on trips? Head to the Jumbulance page to find out more.

If you want to know more about upcoming fund raising or events, you can find all of the details on our Events page.

Finally, if you have any questions about the charity and its activities, or you would like to nominate somebody that you feel would benefit from a holiday, all of the details can be found on the Contact page.

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Guernsey Jumbulance Holidays is a registered Guernsey Charity - 081

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